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The role of effective school architecture goes beyond achieving basic operational necessities to providing a meaningful context for the learning experience, a medium that affects change. Gillco International School has been envisaged as a learning community to meet the development needs of each age. The front entry expresses the school as modern and state-of-the-art. Circulation routes avoid mixing of pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Various blocks are placed around circulation paths which extend into social and activity spaces. The campus has been segmented into 5 zones containing buildings for primary, senior, administration and cultural needs.

The primary wing is a semi-circular block with the UFO shaped multi-functional space in the centre to fancy the young, whilst other blocks are straight line and simpler. Senior blocks have a number of common spaces for students to relax or to collaborate which encourage independence. These spaces spiral out into larger social spaces with abundant outdoor seating, amphitheater, outdoor games, outdoor classrooms and shaded areas.

The administration block is formal containing quieter academic areas. The cultural centre has a sports area on the lower floor, multi-purpose hall on the intermediate floor and approximately 600 seater auditorium for performing arts at the top-most level. Equipped with smart classrooms, an appropriate learning environment and extensive infrastructure, GIS is planned to be the ultimate confluence of the most forward-thinking ideas in education and rich Indian heritage.

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