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Inderpreet Kaur

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give to our children. One is roots; the other wings"
-Hodding Carter

Gillco International School (GIS) took its first flight in the spring of 2013, having opened its heart and doors to fledglings poised to be awakened, nurtured and groomed.

Up, up and away….is how we envision the young ones growing, evolving, and eventually, finding their place in the sun. Education is a lifelong process and GIS endeavours to be the bridge that spans the youngsters' formative years and later life.

Being insular doesn't augur too well for an individual, much less for an educational institution. With the globe having shrunk and the borders having blurred, the world is well ensconced in the classroom today. Imparting education of global dimensions, not just in content but also in delivery, is our mission. Smartly designed lessons, to connect meaningfully to the multiple intelligences of children, are a part of the curriculum. Technology is used efficiently to open the minds of the students, and they are encouraged to explore, think, question, analyse and apply.

Some of the best lessons in life are those that are learnt outside the classroom- in the playground, corridors, locker rooms, assembly area, cafeteria, etc. Collaboration, perseverance, decision making, self control, smiling through failures, crying through successes, reaching out to the mates, making concessions for one another, to name just a few, are some practical lessons in character building that we wish for our students to imbibe and internalize. At GIS, we strive to provide such a wholesome environment that will act as a catalyst to bring out the best in our young charges. By integrating valuable real life experiences with thoughtfully planned teaching learning situations, we envision churning out rounded individuals who are grounded in faith, enlightened in thought, sensitive to the needs of others and responsive to their social obligations. By providing world class facilities in terms of infrastructure, curriculum, motivated faculty, and guided by the dynamic vision of noted educational luminaries, GIS is geared up to make bold strides into the future. Best wishes to the young Gillconians for whom the sky is the limit.

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